In the capitalist-imperialist world, therefore in the EU, due to the destructive consequences of the international economic crisis and the increasing all the main contradictions of this system, important international and domestic changes have taken place.
The different challenges of the ruling class and its system produce an aggressive and centralised politics against the working class and the oppressed people.
This politics, in its different aspects and form, lead the EU to become more and more exploiting, more reactionary, more warmongering and neo-colonial plundering, especially in the African countries.

For workers unity and solidarity against capitalist offensive!

In Europe, while the exploitation of the working class increase, millions of youth, are without a future, except precariousness and migration. Millions of people are deprived of social services and women are discriminated. Poverty is affecting the position of broad masses with particular severity, while the richness and the power of a minority grow more and more.

In this situation of difficulties, the capitalists are waging an extremely aggressive policy against the working class. The attack on the vital interests and basic rights of the workers is unfolding in every European country. The plans of dismissal of thousands of workers are a harsh reality in many factories and firms. There is increasing pressure on the workers to produce more for less pay. Collective national bargaining and Labour codes are under attack. The bosses want to impose what, when and how to negotiate with the purpose to increase the exploitation and to worsen the condition of the workers, to destroy their organisations. And with the support of the governments are willing to extend the working hours and reduce more and more the pensions.

This offensive is waged with the complicity of the opportunist and “yellow” trade union bureaucracy. Against these policies, the workers and the labourer masses have never stopped to fight, but involved in a hard clash with the State and faced its class violence. The great movement in France against the counter-reform of the labour tails (the “El Khomri law”), the strikes and the mobilisations that occurred in different countries, demonstrate that the workers do not accept the destruction of their rights, but demand an end to the reactionary and antipopular measures and laws, and emphasize that this resistance should be developed everywhere.

Now they are moving again to defend their own interests against the offensive capitalist and neoliberal policies of the governments which want to dismantle their workplaces, social gains and rights, which want to avoid laws and collective agreement that limit the hunger of profits of the bosses.

The workers are putting pressure on the leaders of their organisations, calling “traitors!” the trade union leaders who collaborate with the capital. They try to organise themselves in class based platforms and demanding a different policy, based on class struggle, not on class collaboration. They are demanding the unity of action in the struggle against capitalism and its State.

We support and fight with the workers to transfer the burden of the crisis onto the shoulders of the ruling classes, for the defence of the liberties of the working class and its organisations.

We say stop dismissals for profits, we demand the reduction of working hours without the reduction of wages, increase the pay for low paid jobs, the increasing of the pension and reducing the age of retirement. We demand equal pay for equal work for every worker. We demand equal pay for male and female workers. We demand equal pay and same rights for native and migrant workers!

We have no doubt that organising a powerful unique front of the working class against the bourgeoisie’s policies will attract the broad strata of the oppressed labourers who, due to the pro-monopoly politics of the social-democracy and the influence of reactionary and nationalist policies, wavered to the side of reaction in a number of capitalist countries.

“United Europe”: Europe of reaction and militarization

Across Europe reactionary and anti-democratic policies and tendencies are on the rise. They are manifested not only in the centralisation of the EU structurally – as in the case of the core countries of the Eurozone orientating towards a more exclusive and centralised collaboration- but also in the counter-reforms to reinforce the power of the governments and weaken the popular sovereignty, in the militarisation of the States and societies, in the policies which strengthen the nationalist, chauvinistic, racist and fascist tendencies to become more prevalent.

EU and the imperialist states at its leadership are trying to reposition themselves to implement more aggressive and expansionist policies at a time of rapid change in the relations and conditions of world capitalism (an increase in protectionism, trade conflicts, price wars and economic sanctions).

To legitimise these steps they manipulate the increasing fears and concerns of the European peoples regarding the course of events in the world.

The projection of “a Europe taking its fate into its own hands” will bring about the legitimisation and implementation of more aggressive and interventionist policies, the transforming of the emergency measures in ordinary ones, the building of police States, the increasing of xenophobic mobilisation against refugees, and fascistic movements.
A Europe where reactionary forces are strengthened will entail a perception by its workers and working people of their class brothers and sisters in other countries as rivals, so they will show no concern for the weakening of the friendship and solidarity between them.

Yet, the bloody history of Europe proves that this is a dead end, especially for the workers and the working people. Today the workers, working people and the youth who go into the streets against reactionary laws, restriction on rights, racist and fascist parties and movements, for solidarity with refugees, against war budgets, G7, NATO and the formation of the European Army show the only attitude that needs to be taken and strengthened. Their solidarity, collaboration and coordination also need to be strengthened, as well as their mass organisation.

Stop the war politics! Out of NATO and EU!

Our European continent that already has suffered the consequences of two world wars, initiated by aggressive imperialist powers, now is a witness of a huge military build-up for a new war where nuclear weapons might be used. From Scandinavia and the Baltic Ocean to the Mediterranean and the Black Sea, we observe war preparations being intensified. New armaments, rockets, warplanes and troops being stationed, mainly are pushed by NATO and its member countries. It’s an aggressive step against Russia. This is part of the global war preparations of the four main imperialist powers today – the US, the European Union, Russia and China, especially the most aggressive and dangerous one, the US imperialism.
While thousands were protesting in the streets of Brussels and in other European cities against Trump and the NATO summit on May 25th, Donald Trump, Angela Merkel and the other leaders of the member States unanimously reaffirmed their decision taken in Warszawa to put in practice a huge increase of the military expenditure to 2.0 percent of the GDP by 2025, almost doubling the real expenses. They chose the path of war, aggression and militarisation to the benefit of the big US and European monopoly producers of weapons. For the workers, the youth, the pensioners and the future generations it means social cutbacks and renewed imposition to lower the wages, to increase the working hours and destroy the remnants of the achievements of the workers’ and popular struggles, more pressure to recruit the youth in the Army.

The present and planned wars will mean the destruction and plundering of nations and their peoples on other continents from Africa and Asia to Latin America.

The statement against the summit, signed by the European members of the International Conference of Marxist-Leninist Parties and Organisations, entitled “Let us unite and demonstrate against the politics of war! Out of the anti-popular and warmongering alliances NATO and EU”, distributed in each of our countries, is an appeal to unite the workers and popular forces and create a united front against war and militarisation.

This joint struggle and a united front are necessary for all nations and peace-loving peoples.
Shortly following the NATO summit, Merkel and Macron, the new tandem of the construction of the European Union, declared that a ‘European Army’ would be on the order of the day. This means a declaration of the EU as a global imperialist superpower, in cooperation and rivalry with the United States.

The Marxist-Leninist Parties and Organisations call the workers and peoples of Europe to stop the dangerous military build-up, understanding that the main enemy of the workers and peoples are at home, in their own countries: it is the bourgeoisie!
We appeal to continue the fight to stop the wars and armaments, withdraw all troops from wars on other nations, to leave the warmongering alliances NATO and the EU and to dissolve these instruments of imperialism.

Reality shows that capitalism is not our future!

Capitalism is a moribund system; its general state of health is continuously becoming worse, although, at times, it seems to recover.
The workers, the labouring masses, the youth, the women, the oppressed people cannot bear more of this barbaric system that brings only misery, unemployment, precariousness and reaction, that is heading towards a new period of wars.
In order to live, to have a future, to progress, they have to unite, to develop international solidarity, to extend and raise the struggle with an offensive policy against the capitalistic system, in order to determine a revolutionary rupture that is necessary to open the way to a new and humane society.

The victory of the revolution depends not only on the objective conditions which facilitate it but also on the workers and peoples that make this revolution.

The international situation challenges us to reinforce the existing M-L Parties and Organisations, to encourage building new Parties of the revolutionary proletariat to develop the class consciousness, to lead the struggle of the working class and popular sectors, to reinforce our international links and solidarity in order to give a revolutionary outcome for the present time.

This is our main task in the year of the centenary of the Great October Socialist Revolution!

Germany, June 2017

Workers Communist Party of Denmark – APK
Workers Communist Party of France – PCOF
Organisation for the construction of the Communist Workers’ Party of Germany (Arbeit Zukunft)
Movement for the reorganisation of the Communist Party of Greece (KKE 1918-1955)
Communist Platform – for the Communist Party of the Proletariat of Italy
Communist Party of Spain (Marxist-Leninist) – PCE (ML)
Labour Party – EMEP (Turkey)