No to the EU – the Union of the European Monopolies

When you have an EU that creates more unemployed than workplaces, and creates reforms that favour of the employers and worsen the conditions for the workers

When you have an EU that claims the euro brings down inflation, when the populations suffer from increasing costs of living – food, medicine, public transportation, petrol

When you have an EU that claims to defend peace, but is building a combat European Army in collaboration with NATO and is conducting wars to protect the investments of EU companies around the world

When you have an EU that claims it defends its member states but is building a supra national state governed by dictates to its member states.      

When you have an EU that insists on and demands the free movement of the work force but promotes xenophobia and reaction to split and divide the working class.

When you have an EU that claims to be the guardian of the environment and climate but let the hands of the multinationals free to pollute and to plunder the resources and exports its toxic wastes in Africa

When you have an EU that does not accept that the peoples express their opposition to UE, as the Danish no 1992 and 2015, the Irish “no” in 2008 or the Dutch and French people in 2005, or the British people in 2017.

When you have an EU Parliament that is a mask of the financial oligarchy, bone of contention between the traditional austerity parties and the populist parties that spread social demagogy, chauvinism and racism.

Then we, the peoples and workers of the European countries, have to say stop! No more!

We don’t believe your lies any more. You cannot and will not ever transform this Union of the European Monopolies into something that is beneficial to the working class, the peoples and the youth. Facts point to the opposite. The European Union is an imperialist, neoliberal, capitalist and warmongering construction for the benefit of the monopolies and the rich.

Defending the EU and its values of the financial oligarchy are no guard against the far-right, nationalist and fascist forces and no door to international cooperation and working with other nations released from the dictation of European Union of big monopolies.

The people in many countries protest, strike and demonstrate against the consequences of the policy waged by EU and the governments of its members states.

We support these protests and are part of them. We support the right of all peoples and nations to sovereignty and to determine their own future.

This cannot be solved by ticking a ballot for the elections of the European Parliament in May 2019 

We develop international solidarity and combat the nationalist, chauvinistic policies.

The European Parties and Organisations of CIPOML – The International Conference of the Marxist-Leninist Parties and Organisations.