North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) was formed in 1949 by the Western imperialist and capitalist powers led by the U.S.A. as an organisation of encirclement, harassment, attack and war against the Soviet Union and the people’s democracies of Eastern Europe.

USA, NATO and the ruling classes of these States organised provocations, sabotages, murders and coups to prevent the development of the workers’ and popular struggles in the European countries.

NATO was initially formed by 12 countries as a “regional defence organisation” which then enlarged into 16 members.

In 1991 USSR disintegrated and the pact of Warsaw was dissolved. NATO on the contrary, expanded. Between 1997 and 2020, another 13 countries of east Europe incorporated this military organization.

Many countries, as Colombia, Island… are associated, and today, Finland and Sweden want to join as members that politico military alliance, the greatest in the world, under the command of US imperialism. At the same moment, new NATO bases are in agenda in different countries, like Canarias in Spain.

The maneuvers for the entrance of Ukraine in NATO are a major cause of the current inter-imperialist war that is opposing US, NATO, UE imperialist powers to Russian imperialism; they support militarily, financially and politically the ultra-reactionary regime of Zelensky.

We condemn the war launched by Russian imperialism. The Ukrainian people are the first victims of that inter imperialist war. All the people of the world, the Russian peoples, the other peoples of European countries and all the people of the world are hit by the consequences of that war to re-divide spheres of influences, to control and plunder natural resources, as wheat and other agricultural products, in the strategic interest of the big powers that are confronting.

Through that inter imperialist war, US is reinforcing its military, political and economic influence on its European allies, selling great quantities of weapons, gas, oil…. It has also achieved that they adopt heavy sanctions against Russia, whose consequences also affect European economies. It means that this US policy, has also weakened its European allies. The EU and its member states are increasing their military expenses, pushing forward the militarization and the “European Defense” which is more and more dependent of NATO.

Workers and peoples deeply suffer the consequences of that war: high prices for basic products, pressure on the wages, dismissals, increase of taxations…

In this scenery, on 29 and 30 June 2022 will be held in Madrid the XXXII NATO summit.

In this meeting, NATO will define the denominated “Strategy 2030”, consistent in a strategic adaptation to the sharpening inter-imperialist contradictions.

In short, it will develop three concepts: the Collective Defense, the Administration of the Crises and the Cooperative Security.

Through these concepts US will use NATO to maintain its world hegemony in making Russia and China imperialist powers their permanent enemies.

NATO today, with its trillion euro budget and thousands strong military force, with its hundreds of nuclear, chemical, biological and conventional weapons in dozens of military bases stationed in various countries, is a giant war machine. It is deploying its military forces from the Arctic to Africa and from western Europe to Indo Pacific region. NATO is a real danger for the peace and the security of all the people of the world. It’s a powerful factor for reaction and wars.

We, the CIPOML, call the workers and labourers, the youth, the women, the peoples to take part in anti-war and anti-NATO mobilizations, all over the world, at the occasion of Madrid summit.

With the workers and people of all countries, we say “Stop the war now!”.

We call the working class and people to unite and to oppose the governments’ warmongering policy and the enlargement of the NATO war alliance. We say “Out of NATO and of all imperialist military alliances”, “NATO and US bases out of our countries”.

We support the mobilizations of the people in Finland and Sweden against the decision of oligarchy ruling their countries to join NATO and support also the mobilization of the people of Denmark against joining European defense and security institutions and against NATO.

We support the workers and peoples’ mobilizations to refuse to pay the war, for higher wages, for public services (health, education, social protection, pensions…).

We denounce the arms race, the sending of weapons that extend and protract the war in Ukraine, the rising war spending. Funds for the needs of the workers and popular masses!

We struggle for a world free from nuclear weapons!

Against militarism and chauvinism, we raise the banner of the international solidarity between workers and oppressed people of all countries, the banner of the peace between the people ! We say: capitalism and imperialism mean war, exploitation and misery, only socialism can bring peace and wellness for the workers and the peoples.

27th Plenary Session of the International Conference of Marxist-Leninist Parties and Organisations – CIPOML

Dominican Republic
May 2022