Let’s demonstrate united against the war policy!

Leave the warmongering and antipopular NATO and EU!

The next NATO summit that will be held on May 24-25, 2017 in Brussels with the attendance of the ultra-reactionary warmongering oligarch Trump, will see a wide international mobilization of the popular movement for peace and democracy.

We, the European members of the International Conference of Marxist-Leninist Parties and Organizations (ICMLPO), strongly support the mass action, the protest march and the meetings that will happen to denounce the warmonger, militarist and anti-popular role of NATO and UE, to inform the workers and the peoples.

Founded in 1949 against the socialist camp and the workers, popular and democratic opposition forces, NATO has been built as a threat, provocation, external and internal war machine (is well known that the secret Stay-Behind armies played a crucial role in the “strategy of the tension” and in the fascist terrorism).

This aggressive and criminal military alliance has always been the main tool of the domination of US imperialism, to subjugate the European peoples and strongly limit their national sovereignty.

After the collapse and of USSR, NATO – instead of disbanding itself – has strengthened its offensive approach and military power “out-of-area”, especially expanding into the east, following a strategy of continental control, extension of its activities and encirclement of imperialist Russia, which reacts with an extensive program of rearmament and military operations to break political unity of its rivals. NATO has also extended its partnership with States like Israel, Egypt, Colombia… and Trump wants a greater engagement of NATO in the “war against terror”.

No problem was solved with NATO military interventions (Afghanistan, Libya, etc.), but on the contrary they deepened more and more, provoking a lot of civil victims, atrocities, destructions, the spread of reactionary civil wars and a huge flow of migrants.

The summit in Brussels is tied up to the further enlargement and military interventionism of this warmongering block. NATO and its supporter deploy battalions in Poland, in the Baltic countries, in Hungary, while they grow the nuclear rearmament and strengthen the military apparatus in North Africa and Middle East on the pretext to combat the jihadist terrorism, a phenomenon that feeds on the imperialist policy of war and the pillaging of the dependent countries.

Another aspect of the Brussels summit is the modernization of the atomic arsenal and the installation of new bases and atomic shields, supposedly defensive, in accordance with the line followed by Obama-Clinton and continued by Trump under the nationalistic and warmongering slogan “make US military great again”.

NATO, as recently declared Mattis “Mad Dog”, the new boss of the Pentagon, is «the fundamental base for the United States». Indeed this imperialist organization is useful to maintain US world supremacy, today challenged by the emergence of rival powers.

Trump has also declared «we strongly support NATO…but our partners must meet their financial obligations», that means the further increasing of the military expenditure at least 2% of GDP. This burden will fall on the shoulders of the working class and the popular masses that suffer the heavy consequences of the economic crisis and austerity measures.

The diktat of Trump was immediately accepted by the EU leaders that at the same time have embarked themselves on a “European defence policy”, namely the construction of European common army complementary and subordinate to NATO, to have their share of the loot.

The EU of the monopolies and its members – with the support of the neoliberals, social-democrat and reformist parties – closely cooperates with NATO in crisis management and military operations (Ukraine, Balkans, Afghanistan, Mediterranean Sea, Sudan, Somalia, etc.). This strategic relationship have reached new levels because EU reacts to its failure developing a more aggressive course, with war and military interventions abroad, and major reaction, racism and repression internally.

The Brussels summit happens while the unequal development of the capitalism in the different countries, the increasing economic and politics difficulties, the attempt to unload their consequences on the rivals, are bringing to a severe deterioration of the relationships among the imperialists and capitalistic powers.

Today – while the economic stagnation prolongs itself and the poverty is spreading – the “globalization” gives way to the protectionism, customs duties and commercial wars and is on the increase the competition for markets and trade routes, for raw materials and energetic sources, for water and fertile land, for areas of influence and strategic zones.

On this base develops the policy of war and the arms race, of which NATO is the standard-bearer to defend the relevant interest of its States member, mainly the US interest. A policy that provokes destructions, deaths and waves of migrant, that embitters the contrasts in many regions of the world – East Europe, Africa, Middle East, South China Sea, Korean Peninsula, Arctic, etc. – as well as creates problems in the space and in the cyberspace, produces the militarization of the society, and accelerates the formation of imperialists blocks that could bring to a generalized conflict.

All the imperialist powers are preparing themselves to a new division of the world by the war. The renascent nationalism, the chauvinism, the racism, the xenophobia, the rise or affirmation of right wing populist and fascist parties are forces that incite to the war in the name of the “nation” and spread the hate among the peoples.

The bourgeoisie and his opportunist servants say that is necessary to increase constantly the military budgets and militarize more and more the society in order to “protect the democracy and the occidental way of life”. Those false slogans are widely spread with the pretext to combat the antipopular terrorism that is itself a product of the imperialist wars.

These “solutions” help only to abolish the liberties and rights of the workers, the trade unions, and the youth, to continue with austerity politics and to protect the privileges of a minority of exploiters. People’s fear is propagated in order to legitimize the militarization of the economy and promote wars in the interest of the owner of capital, the riches, and the parasites.

We make an appeal to the masses that don’t want the war, reaction and new sacrifices: let’s join our forces, let’s struggle together for peace and freedom of the peoples, let’s organize a united front and mobilize against the warmongering, let’s go to protest against NATO summit in Brussels with the following slogans.

No to NATO and the European army, tools of war and of terror! Leave NATO, EU and all the warmongering and anti-popular treaties! Immediate withdrawal of all the troops sent abroad!

Stop to the arm race, drastic reduction of the military expenditure, the money must be used for the need of the workers and the peoples, for health, education, public services!

We demand a world free of nuclear weapons! No to the police States, to the militarization of the society! Let’s defend with the struggle the democratic freedom and rights we conquered!

No to the military closing of the borders against the migrant people! Support to the anti-imperialists struggle of the oppressed people and nations! Down with nationalism, racism and fascism!

Long live international solidarity between workers and peoples!