For almost a month, the Sudanese people have risen up against their difficult living conditions, which are only the consequence of the neoliberal policies adopted by the comprador regime, and which have accentuated poverty, deprivation and all forms of misery, despite the resources the country enjoys.
Day after day, the mobilization grew and the insurgent people for economic demands at the beginning, quickly understood that they will be satisfied only by the departure of this corrupt and bloody regime installed for thirty years by a military coup supported by the organization of Muslim Brothers who took part and participated in the repression of the people and the division of the country.
CIPOML following closely the development of the situation in Sudan

  • Expresses its solidarity with the Sudanese people in struggle for freedom and social justice and against dictatorship.
  • Condemns the indiscriminate repression that has so far claimed more than 40 victims, in addition to an indeterminate number of wounded and prisoners, and calls for the unconditional release of all prisoners and respect for the right of the people to demonstrate.
  • Expresses its solidarity with the progressive political, trade union and civilian forces, including the Sudanese Communist Party, which has seen dozens of its leaders and cadres arrested for their active participation in the insurrection of their people.
  • Urges all the progressive forces of the world to support, by all possible means, the insurrection of the Sudanese people, and to condemn the atrocious repression that is coming upon them.

The CIPOML Coordinating Committee
January 2019