The tribulations and problems have not ceased in the Middle East since the occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan by the U.S. Currently a terrorist organization called “Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant” (ISIL) continues its expansion that began in Fallujah. This organization is causing the sudden exile of thousands from Mosul, and the massacre of dozens of people; it has organized the occupation of the Turkish Consulate General and taken employees hostage. Now ISIL is at the gates of Kirkuk[1] and is threatening Baghdad.

The ISIL is an organization similar to Al Qaeda and Al Nusra[2] manipulated by the U.S. to overthrow the Assad regime in Syria. Supported both logistically and militarily by Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Turkey, they feel protected and carry out terrorist activities in the Kurdish region of Rojava, in northern Syria. For some time, the imperialists have been trying to reshape the Middle East in order to implement their policy and seize oil sources. To achieve its objectives, they use all kinds of tricks to provoke the animosity and rivalry between different communities and nations in the region. Faced with Syria, Iran and Hezbollah in Lebanon, called by the imperialists the “Shiite axis of evil,” they are trying to form, together with Turkey and the Persian Gulf countries, including Saudi Arabia, the “Sunni Half Moon,” which constitutes the basis of violent clashes between communities in the region. In Iraq, the policies of the Al Maliki government, which does not recognize the right to existence of the other communities, has not succeeded in imposing itself on the country, ruined after the withdrawal of the U.S. troops.

ISIL, armed by Turkey, and indeed considered an ally and pushed to open a new road into Syria, is the result of a consistent policy of deepening the differences between communities to make them a source of animosity and confrontation among them. ISIL thrives in the vast field opened up by the reactionary policy carried out by imperialism and the Turkish government.

Iraqis nowdivided into three partsamong Sunnis, Shiites andKurds.The problemis much broader thananinternal matterofIraq,andhas becomea global problem;in the Middle East, it is headed toward aninevitableconfrontation between the superpowers,whichwill proceedto adivision ofspheres of influence inthat region.

After theattack by ISILontheTurkish ConsulateinMosul, in which all thosepresent were taken hostage, the statement of theForeign Minister ofTurkeyaffirming thatthese people”are nothostages”involuntarily recognizedthe existence of relationsbetween the Turkishgovernment andthis terrorist organization. Therumors thatthe National Intelligence Agencyof Turkey (MIT) had received information aboutthe attack on theconsulate, show thatthe Turkish governmentis colludingwiththecriminalterrorist organization.

The Turkish government has a great responsibility forthe worseningsituationofgrowing chaosinIraq,which will inevitablythe entire region. Ithas intrigued behind the backs of itsneighborsto becomea regional power; it hasbecomea bullyagainst its neighboring countries; it incites one against the otherand continuallythreatensAlawitecitizensin Turkey;ithasdone everything possibleto inflame thewarin Syria.

The imperialist policy in Iraq is the path to a new war. The most important demand of the peoples in the region today is peace and democracy; however, this will never be the goal of the United States of America, of Turkey or of the other reactionary states.

Currentlythe condition for atrue peaceis the collectivebuildingof democracyfor the peoplesso that they cangovern themselvesby expelling theoppressivedictatorstogether with their alliesand the U.S.A neworder built ona truesecularism that guaranteesfraternity between the different religiousbeliefscan be an alternativeto the policy thatincites thepeoples todestroy each other in theorder imposed bythe U.S.,an order based onchaos.

Down with imperialism! Long live the brotherhood among the peoples!

InternationalConference ofMarxist-Leninist Parties and Organizations

June 2014

[1] Kirkuk is one of the principal oil centers in Iraq. The Kurds are strongly established in the region and presently occupy the territory.

[2] Al Nusra, an organization similar to Al Qaeda, was formed in 2012, and operates in Syria and Lebanon.