Comrade Raúl Marco has died and the Marxist Leninist communists of the world express our sorrow. A courageous life dedicated for decades to the struggle for revolution and socialism, for the ideals of communism, has been lost. A persevering internationalist, a tireless worker for the unity of the Communists internationally, has gone.

Comrade Raúl Marco carried out a persevering work for the construction, implantation and development of the Communist Party of Spain (Marxist Leninist), PCE (ML). From that trench, from the columns of “Vanguardia Obrera” and the International Magazines “Theory and Practice” and “Unity and Struggle”, he expressed his firm adherence to the principles, his eagerness to apply them in the concrete conditions of Spain and on an international scale.

The PCE (ML) was forged in the fight for the immediate interests of the working class and the peoples of Spain, in the consistent practice of proletarian internationalism, in the frontal fight against Franco’s fascism, in the construction and leadership of the Antifascist Revolutionary and Patriot Front, FRAP; in the ideological battles in defense of Marxism-Leninism and the relentless struggle against the opportunists and revisionists, against the traitors; he contributed significantly to the formation of the International Conference of Marxist Leninist Parties and Organizations, CIPOML.

The capitalists and reactionaries of Spain tried, by all means, to destroy, divide and dismantle the PCE (ML), they persecuted it, arrested and tortured prominent militants and murdered prominent anti-fascist fighters but each coup, each fractional attempt failed over and over again, it crashed against the principles and their defenders, the Marxist-Leninist leaders and militants.

In 1990 a small group of opportunists and traitors gave a sneaky blow, assaulted the Party leadership and from there they dissolved it by decree. Vain attempt, Raúl Marco and other consistent Marxist Leninists continued the struggle and after a few years rebuilt the PCE (ML), recovered for the workers and peoples of Spain the proletarian revolutionary vanguard that continues to develop the struggle for socialism.

The International Conference of Marxist Leninist Parties and Organizations, CIPOML inclines the red flags of communism to the memory of comrade Raúl Marco, expresses solidarity with the leadership and militants of the Communist Party of Spain (ML), with his beloved family, especially with comrade Lola.

The example of c. Raúl will accompany us in the new battles that we will fight in our countries to organize and make the revolution.

Glory to Comrade Raúl Marco

October 2020