Down with the government of Jovenal Mose. Democratic elections.

Hands off the United States of America, Canada and France!

The government of Jovenal Mose should have ended on February 7, according to the Haitian Constitution, promulgated in 1987.

However, in order to stay in power illegally, this government has set in motion its repressive machinery; putting into practice the terrorist methods of the old Duvalier dictatorship, murdering opponents in the streets in a random manner; raiding houses in the early hours of the morning in search of leftist, trade union and popular leaders; kidnapping many of them, even their children.

Jovenal Mose has once again installed a dictatorship in Haiti, with the explicit support of the governments of the United States of America, Canada and France, which are increasingly influencing the political and economic affairs of the country.

The government began last year to create the conditions for not fulfilling the mandate of the Constitution; and encouraged a state of insecurity in the main cities, organising paramilitary groups and criminal gangs, which began to kidnap children, rape women, beatings and crimes against popular activists.  He created an atmosphere of political and social instability and fear in order to justify his continuity in power.

But the workers, peasants, professionals, women workers and youth have responded by calling strikes and popular demonstrations in the streets. These protests have been massive and continuous, and have found support from Haitian nationals living abroad, as well as from revolutionary and democratic organisations in other countries.

The government increases repression, and the people respond with more protest actions.

The left movement and the democratic and popular sectors have united around the slogan “Down with the government of Jovenal Mose and immediate democratic elections!

And they affirm this unity and determination in the popular struggles in the streets and public squares.

In knowledge of this reality, the 26th Plenary of the International Conference of Marxist-Leninist Parties and Organizations (ICPLOML), which met recently, expresses its firm and resolute solidarity with the working and popular masses of Haiti, and joins in their demand: Down with the government of Jovenal Mose; call for democratic elections and out of the hands of the United States, Canada and France in Haiti!

26th Plenary Session of the International Conference of Marxist-Leninist Parties and Organisations (ICPLOM)

February 14, 2021