First, the valiant Palestinian people have been struggling against the Zionist aggressors for more than seventy years. Despite their enormous sacrifices and martyrs numbering in the tens of thousands, they continue their struggle for national independence, which is going through periods of ebb and flow.

Second, this struggle is not directed against a particular government of the Zionist occupier, but against the occupation itself. The Zionist regime means the occupation, expulsion of millions of Palestinians from their land and their replacement by millions of Jewish immigrants and settlers brought back from other countries. The Zionists have imposed an apartheid regime on millions of Palestinians whose land has been forcibly occupied. Israeli Zionism is synonymous with racism, war crimes, crimes against humanity, murder and imprisonment of Palestinian children. It means creating despair and distress, taking the lives and land of Palestinians and stealing the future of their children. Zionism also means military aggression against Egypt, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon. The Israeli Zionists have established military bases on the territory of Azerbaijan. They have occupied the Golan Heights, and they have accumulated several hundred nuclear warheads.

Third, the struggle of the communist and democratic forces in the world against Zionism means rejecting the illegitimate regime of the state of Israel and ending the occupation and the policy of apartheid. It concerns all democrats in the world who love justice and freedom, including anti-Zionist Jews who are themselves persecuted by the state of Israel because they support the legitimate struggle of the Palestinian people. The land of Palestine is the common land of the indigenous peoples regardless of their religion, be they Jews, Christians, Muslims or others. It is impossible to fight anti-Semitism without fighting Zionism, which is today the most important source of organized anti-Semitism in the world, which seeks to falsify and distort history in order to divert attention from the systematic genocide of the Palestinians. 

Fourth, even the UN Charter allows all forms of struggle, including armed struggle, which it considers legal for the colonized peoples. The struggle of the Palestinian people to liberate their homeland is legitimate and peace with the aggressors remains a chimera. Only the valiant Palestinian people – not the imperialists, Zionists or reactionary Arab leaders – have the right to decide their fate.

We strongly condemn the repression and genocide perpetrated against the Palestinian people and strongly support their heroic resistance against the Zionists and their imperialist masters.

We also support the struggle of all forces fighting on different fronts against the common enemy and for the expulsion of the aggressors. This support is not formal but a confirmation of the inalienable right of the Palestinians to end Zionist domination in the region, and it is the recognition of the right of the Palestinians to national liberation. The Jews of Palestine, as well as Palestinian Muslims and Christians, have the right to build and defend the democratic and secular State of Palestine, so that peace and prosperity can prevail in the region and the tension generated by more than half a century of illegal occupation and immoral Israeli hegemony can be brought to an end.

Long live solidarity with the struggle of the Palestinian people!  

Down with the Zionist occupation of Arab lands!

International Conference of Marxist Leninist Parties and Organizations

February 2021