For more than ten days, the Palestinian people have been exposed to one of the deadliest attacks. To mark the 54th anniversary of the occupation of East Jerusalem, wild hordes of Zionists, supported by the occupation army, have attacked Palestinians residing in the city in a last attempt to expel them from their homes and land .. The last stronghold of resistance, Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, adjacent to the city’s Islamic and Christian holy places, is the goal of these attacks. This is a new ethnic cleansing campaign aimed at the judaization of the city and its final Annexation to the Zionist State. At the same time, other parts of East Jerusalem and the entire West Bank are experiencing an unprecedented expansion of settlements under the complicit eyes of imperialist countries and United Nations institutions.

As soon as the fascist gangs of Zionist settlers initiated these killer attacks, they were transmitted by the Zionist state war machinery that, as usual, aim without distinction at the civilian population: the elderly, children, men, women, perpetrating a true genocide and causing mass destruction in all the occupied territories. The Zionist goal is to force these populations to leave their land to join the ranks of the six million Palestinians, refugees in neighboring countries and dispersed in the diaspora.

These are true crimes against humanity being committed against the Palestinian people and should appeal to the entire progressive community of the world as well as to all peace and justice-loving men and women to express their support for this people who, alone, face the Zionist war machinery and imperialist plans, including the US administration’s ′′ Agreement of the Century ′′ aimed at maintaining imperialist dominance over the region and its wealth.

The ICMLPO, while strongly condemning the war on the Palestinian people, is addressing the world’s working class, its parties and mass organizations, all peoples of the world to rise up against Zionist barbarism and demand an immediate end of this war and express your support for their just cause.

The Coordinating Committee of the International Conference of Marxist-Leninist Parties and Organizations