The International Conference of Marxist-Leninist Parties and Organisations informs the working class and the peoples of the world of the successful holding of its 27th Plenary Session, held in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

In an atmosphere of revolutionary unity and fraternity, we have developed a very productive debate and taken a position on the complex economic and political situation in the world, and we have defined precise guidelines to advance the work that our parties and organizations carry out with the working class, as well as with the other exploited and oppressed classes, which are part of the driving forces of the revolution.

The CIPOML notes that we are living in a particularly important moment, which expresses the general crisis of capitalism and creates better conditions for the development of revolutionary activity in each country and internationally. The world economy is facing a new moment of deceleration in its rate of growth, causing concern in monopoly and financial circles which, until recently, were projecting higher rates of growth; but above all, we are witnessing an obvious sharpening of the fundamental contradictions of the times and, in particular, the exacerbation of those which set the monopolies and imperialist countries against each other.

The struggle between the imperialist countries and powers to divide up again and again an already divided world, to conquer new markets and zones of influence, is the fundamental cause of the outbreak of war in the Ukraine which, as we have already denounced, is a conflagration of an inter-imperialist character. The CIPOML condemns this war and the warmongers who promoted and nourish it; we express our solidarity with the people of Ukraine, victims of the military invasion of Russian imperialism led by Vladimir Putin, of US imperialism – led by Joe Biden – and its allies – the members of the European Union and NATO – and of the reactionary regime of Vladimir Zelensky. But, as in any conflict of this nature, the effects of the war go beyond local borders and all peoples are carrying its negative effects on their backs. The danger of famine besets the poor, particularly in several regions of Africa.

We join our voice to that of millions of workers, labourers, youth, women who fight for peace, demand the end of war and the dissolution of NATO and other military pacts of the capitalist countries and imperialist powers, because they constitute a sword of Damocles hanging over the lives of the peoples. We condemn all bourgeois political forces: neo-liberals, social democrats, fascists, opportunists who support war policies.

On all continents, the monopoly bourgeoisie and the oligarchies that rule the countries, continue with their usual policy of unloading on the shoulders of the working class and the peoples the effects of the serious problems of the world and local economy, but the peoples do not accept with resignation the adjustment plans, the restriction of rights, the laws that make work more precarious and raise the levels of capitalist exploitation, the racist, xenophobic, anti-immigration policies, the fascistisation of the states. The working class and the peoples of Africa, Asia, Latin America and Europe are fighting, demanding that their needs and rights be met, demanding work and better wages, fighting for health, for the education of children and young people, for housing, for land to work on. By resisting and fighting against the policies of the bourgeoisie and the oligarchies they are fighting against capitalism and its effects, even if not all of them are aware of this situation. Our solidarity with all the workers and peoples of the world who struggle and work with their own efforts for a future of freedom, with all those who have chosen the path of open protest, of paralysing production, of insurrectional action!

We, the member parties and organisations of the CIPOML, reaffirm our commitment to develop our best efforts to organise the struggle of the working class and the peoples and to direct it against imperialist domination, against the native ruling classes and to achieve social and national emancipation through the exercise of the revolutionary power of the working class and the people. The historical tasks that we Marxist-Leninist communists have set ourselves, in order to defeat the power of capitalism-imperialism, demand that the proletariat fulfil its leading role in the process, and also pose the need for a broad and strong unity of the working class with the oppressed peoples and the unification of the struggle of the proletariat of the advanced capitalist countries with the struggle of the workers and peoples of the dependent countries.

Only the social revolution of the proletariat will liberate the workers and peoples from the chains of capitalist-imperialist exploitation and oppression; only socialism-communism is the society that guarantees well-being for all humanity. These are the strategic objectives that animate the struggle of the member organisations and parties of the CIPOML, to advance towards the conquest of these objectives, its XXVII Plenary has defined precise orientations and tasks that will form part of our daily policy.

The XXVII Plenary calls on its members to continue working to strengthen our organisations and to improve the links with the working class and the people, in order to build a revolutionary mass movement whose purpose is the conquest of power and the construction of socialism-communism.

With Marxism-Leninism, for revolution and socialism!

27th Plenary Session of the International Conference of Marxist-Leninist Parties and Organisations – CIPOML

Dominican Republic
May 2022