It’s undeniable that the struggle among imperialist powers to re-divide a world already divided, to conquer new markets, raw material and areas of influence, is the fundamental cause for the outbreak of war in Ukraine. In this dispute, the manoeuvres for the expansion of NATO and encirclement of Russia played a major role. 

In this scenery of war that threatens to spread, on 29 and 30 June 2022 the XXXII NATO summit will be held in Madrid. This warmongering organization will define its “Strategy 2030”, consistent to a strategic adaptation to the sharpening inter-imperialist contradictions in every region of the world.

The new NATO concepts such as the “Collective Defence, the Administration of the Crises and the Cooperative Security”, have one meaning: US imperialism wants to use NATO to maintain its world hegemony identifying the imperialist powers Russia and China as permanent enemies and keeping a military superiority through rising military spending and continuous rearmament. But even if it seems now, that NATO is “unified” under the leadership of US-imperialism, the contradictions within the members States of NATO for example among USA, Germany, France are going on.

US strategy aims at a new division of roles inside NATO: the European allies will be more involved in attrition of Russia, as well as in military intervention in Africa and the Middle East; the Pentagon will dedicate itself more and more to contain militarily the rising imperialism of China. In North Africa, plans to deploy NATO forces to the Canary Islands to stop their rivals, together with the commitment of Atlanticist imperialism to strengthen Morocco at all costs as its gendarme in the region, will sharpen the conflicts in the Maghreb, causing more suffering to the peoples of the area and the destabilization of the western Mediterranean.

NATO today, with its trillion euro budget and thousands strong military force, with its nuclear, chemical, biological and conventional weapons in hundreds of military bases stationed in various countries, is a global war and terror machine.

The injunction pushed forward by US imperialism to devote 2% of its PIB to military budgets of the member States has almost been achieved. German imperialism with its 100 billion euro extra war budget will become the biggest conventional military power in Europe.

In all of Europe now the war budgets are rising. The profits of the armaments industry are exploding. Inflation is growing rapidly as a consequence of war. While the capitalists get richer, the workers and people get poorer.

NATO is deploying its military forces from the Arctic to Africa and from western Europe to the Indo Pacific region. It is a real danger for the peace and the security of all the workers and people of the world, a powerful factor for reaction, interferences and wars.

We call on the workers and labourer masses, the youth, the women, the oppressed peoples to take part in anti-war and anti-NATO mobilizations in the streets of every country at the occasion of the Madrid summit.

With the workers and people of all countries, we shout: “Out of NATO and all imperialist alliance”, “Stop the war now!”, “NATO and US bases out of our countries”!

We call on the working class and popular masses to unite and oppose with struggle the governments’ warmongering policy and the expansion of the NATO war alliance.

We express solidarity with the Ukrainian people, victim of the military invasion of Russian imperialism, of US imperialism and its allies’ warmongering politics and of the reactionary regime of V. Zelensky.

We support popular mobilizations in Finland and Sweden against the decision of the oligarchy ruling their countries to join NATO, the protests in Spain, Italy, Norway and Denmark against the building of new military bases.

We support the growing resistance within the working class and the people who are more and more refusing to pay for the war and its consequences. We support demands such as in Germany “100 billion Euro for our health system, our education system, for raising pensions – not for war!” We support the mobilizations that are developing in many European countries against militarization, against the increasing military spending. The workers movement and the people demand: We don’t want to pay for your war!

We support the workers and peoples’ mobilizations for higher wages, for public services (health, education, social protection, pensions, etc.), for the defence of their rights.

We denounce the arms race, the selling of weapons for the profits of the monopolies, the growing military expenditure. Funds for the basic needs of the workers and popular masses!

We struggle for a world free from nuclear weapons.

Against militarism and chauvinism, let’s raise the banner of international solidarity among workers and oppressed people of all countries, the banner of the brotherhood of peoples.

Capitalism and imperialism mean war, exploitation, oppression and misery; only revolution and socialism will bring peace, well-being and freedom for the workers and the peoples!

The European members of the International Conference of Marxist-Leninist Parties and Organizations (CIPOML):

Workers’ Communist Party (APK), Denmark

Communist Party of the Workers of France (PCOF)

Organization for the Construction of a Communist Workers Party Germany

Communist Platform – for the Communist Party of the Proletariat of Italy

Communist Party of Spain (Marxist-Leninist) – PCE(ml)

Labour Party (EMEP), Turkey

Movement for the Reorganisation of the Communist Party of Greece 1918-1955 (Anasintaxi)