Proletarians and laborers, oppressed people of all countries!

First of May – International day of solidarity and struggle of the proletarians of all countries – find us under a growing imperialist offensive.

During long years of crisis, in which enormous masses of workers have been ruined, the bourgeois governments and the institutions of the great capital promised an economic recovery that would have bring occupation, prosperity and a best quality of life.

But the sufferings of the workers and the peoples are not ended. The measures adopted by the governments to go out of the crisis impose us new sacrifices.

The exploitation in the factories assumes unbearable proportions, while unemployment continues to flagellate workers and young people. Over 200 million unemployed all over the world are looking for a job that capitalism doesn’t succeed to assure anymore.

The poor farmers, the fishermen, the small artisans and dealers, the pensioners, languish under the capitalistic yoke. An unbearable load of taxes burdens on the shoulders of the poor people.

On First of May demonstrate in the roads to assert our interests, to defeat the hostile communes of the working class and of the other exploited!

Against the offensive of the capital, let’s build a powerful class front of the proletariat, let’s create its struggle organisms composed by workers of all the tendencies to defend united ourselves against the capitalists, the riches and their governments!

Only realizing and organizing the resistance of the wide masses of the working class in an unique front will be possible to defeat the capitalistic offensive, to prevent the destruction of the rights of the workers and to reinforce the struggle to abolish the exploitation of the man on the man.

In the last years, the ruling class demagogically exalted his “democracy” and its ”freedom”. But for a long time this class produces only reaction and oppression of the masses, that now is spreading all over the world.

To find a solution for crisis, economic and politics instability, the bourgeoisie establishes reactionary, arrogant and authoritarian governments. It tramples violently workers’ democratic rights, it strengthens the criminalization and repression of the social protest as method of government.

The bosses and their governments attack the trade unions of the workers, aiming to liquidate collective bargaining. The rights of strike and organization are limited and even denied, to throw in the illegality the struggles of the working class.

At the same time, the imperialists powers spread xenophobia and racism, impose laws and securitary politics against the migrant, that so become the scapegoat of the situation.

Imperialism confirms itself as reaction on the whole line, as intensification of the social and national oppression. Bourgeois democracy is broken up and assumes the fierce face of open dictatorship of the monopolies.

On First of May demonstrate everywhere against the reactionary and fascist measures, against the antipopular repression, xenophobia and racism!

Against the antidemocratic politics of imperialism and bourgeoisie, against the liquidation of our liberties and rights, let’s give impulse and strength to the resistance creating wide popular fronts, according to the circumstances!

Only uniting around the working class all the victims of the capitalism, only organizing fronts and popular alliances with the genuine proletarian, left, anti-imperialists and antifascists, coherent democratic forces, it will be possible to stop the bourgeois reaction, to defeat the fascist and to open the road to true workers and popular governments that will finish with the oppression of the peoples.

The governments of the imperialist powers and their supranational institutions (U.N., IMF, UE, etc.) keep on speaking about peace. But never in the world, since the postwar period until now, there has been so much war and tension, reactionary civil wars, arms race.

The increasing uneven of economic development, the implacable competition for the markets and the sources of raw material, the control of the spheres of influence, the desire to unload on the rivals the consequences of the crisis, accentuate the contradictions among the imperialists and capitalistic bandits day after day.

The preparation of the war of robbery has become a fundamental element of the foreign and domestic politics of the imperialist bourgeoisie. We see the consequences in the armed conflicts, interventions and imperialists interferences in Africa, in the Middle East and in Asia, in East Europe, in Latin America.

USA are still the leading imperialist power and want to maintain under its control the ascent of other powers. China, Russia, Germany and other imperialists and capitalistic countries bear less and less the North American domination, they aim to break the regime of the dollar and to affirm their interests. France defends with the weapons its zones of influence.

In the struggle for the dominion the imperialist crooks instigate nationalism, they support and finance religious fundamentalists groups to prepare the conditions of new military interventions, to dismember sovereign countries and to strike the progressive popular and national struggles. The weight of the imperialist contradictions falls systematically on the oppressed peoples and nations, as in the case of the Palestinian and Kurdish peoples that, despite brutal aggressions suffered, bravely continue the fight for the right to self-determination.

On First of May, like so on the 70° Anniversary of the defeat of fascism, let’s carry out great demonstrations against the dangers of imperialist war!

We can block the path to the warmongers governments with the anti-imperialist unity and struggle of the working class and peoples, of the revolutionary forces, of popular and national resistance.

Only with the unity and the international solidarity of the workers we can stop the warmongering and aggressive politics of imperialism, the robbery of the natural resources, the arms race, the bloody reactionary and imperialist terrorism, to open the way to socialism, for a politics of peace and solidarity among peoples.

Proletarians and laborers, oppressed peoples of all countries!

Despite the fierce capitalist attack, the reactionary politics and the winds of war, grows more and more the mobilizations and the struggles of the workers that don’t want to withdraw anymore, that don’t want to pay the crisis and the “recovery” of the exploiters.

The working class strongly returns in the battlefield. From India to Turkey, from Brazil to China, from Greek to Poland, from Australia to Canada, from Mexico to USA, raises again the protest against the regime of the exploitation, of unemployment and poverty.

Millions of workers, miners, exploited laborers, wage earners of the transports, etc., strike and vindicate bread and job. They ask the respect of the collective bargaining and of the trade unions, they reject the laws and projects that mine their social rights and guarantees, they say stop to the sacrifices, to the layoffs, to the wage labor slavery.

Millions of poor farmers, of small producers and public employees, rise up against the worsening of the conditions of job and life, the cuts to the social services, to end with the oppression of the monopolies on the large majority of the society.

Young people and students are active in the struggles for the job, in defense of the public education, against the neoliberal programs of the bourgeois governments and the institutions of financial oligarchy.

The women belonging to the working class and the lowest social classes are in the vanguard of the resistance against the social withdrawal, the aggravation of the oppression and the exploitation, the warmongering politics and the threats to the ecosystem.

On First of May 1 let us review the revolutionary forces of the working class and the other workers, let’s strengthen the fighting unity of the exploited ones and the oppressed ones against the offensive capitalistic, against the reaction measures and the dangers of imperialist war!

While the workers and popular struggles acquire strength and radicalize themselves, the revisionist, socialdemocrat and opportunists leader bring forth their class collaboration politics. They speak about “reforms”, but to help capitalism and preserve the basis of the actual society. They make the united front with the bourgeoisie and hide to the masses the nature of populism and fascism. They try to hold the working class far from the struggle, they divide its force, disarm it ideologically, politically and organizationally in front of the capitalistic offensive.

Despite the propaganda of the bourgeoisie and its lackeys, the facts shows that capitalism is unable to eliminate mass unemployment, poverty, fascism and wars. It’s unable to assure to the overwhelming majority of women and men, to young people, a life worthy of this name, a future of peace and social development.

 Therefore, it must be demolished by the revolutionary struggle of the proletariat and the peoples, and replaced with a more elevated social and economic order: the socialism, first stage of the communist society, only way to escape from the dead end of capitalism.

History shows that without authentic Marxist-Leninists parties that lead the proletariat in the struggle for the power, without fighting against opportunism, it’s impossible to break down the imperialism and conduct at its goal the battle for social and national liberation, it’s impossible to liquidate the bourgeoisie private property and to build a socialist planned economy.

Therefore on First of May we call to the unity of the communists and advanced workers under the flags of marxism-leninism and proletarian internationalism, to build strong communist Parties and Organization where they don’t exist, to develop the existing ones, to reinforce the international unity of revolutionary proletariat.


Long live First of May, international day of solidarity and struggle of the proletarians of the whole world!

Long live the 70° Anniversary of the Victory over the fascist beast!

Let’s realize great unitary demonstrations everywhere!

Working woman and men, oppressed peoples of all countries, unite!


April 2015


International Conference of Marxist-Leninists

Parties and Organizations (ICMLPO)