– Considering Thursday October the 30TH , the people and the popular youth October the 3Oth have realised a popular and historical insurrection which have carried along the fall and put on the run the autocrat Blaise Compaoré and his neighbouring close with the help of French imperialism and the Regiment of Presidential Security.
– Considering this insurrection is the result of along process of popular struggles in the whole national territory since the beginning and development of a popular movement and the revolutionary crisis following the assassination of the journalist Norbert Zongo December the 13Th 1998.
– Considering since this crisis , in spite of the barbarian repression of the 4th Republic regime , the struggles have never stopped to climb step by step , expressing the determination and the fighting spirit of different components of people and youth , and their thirst of real democraty , justice and social progress.
– Considering the tireless work of mobilisation and organisation towards big popular struggles less than two decades by the Voltaic Revolutionary Communist Party , of the democratic revolutionary Movement of which the Coalition against the High Cost life , the Fraud and the Impunity .
– Considering the counter revolution coup occurred October the 31th 2014 by the different clans of the neo-colonial army in the aim to suffocate the revolutionary process and save the neo-colonial system in bankruptcy.
– Considering the plots and manoeuvres of imperialist powers (France , USA) and the African reactionary regimes through the African Union and the West Africa States Community in the way to impose a government of transition and suffocate the revolutionary process and rob the victory of the people.
– Considering the determination of the people and the popular youth to go on with struggle for democratic and social demands , for the deepening of the revolutionary process for real change in favour of them through national and social liberation.
– Considering in this situation , the real risks of violent repression and imperialist interventions against the democratic and revolutionary movement .
The International Conference of ML Parties and Organisations meeting in Turkey from November the 18th to November the 21th :
– Sends revolutionary greetings to the popular insurrection of October the 13th which confirms the revolutionary energy , the spirit of sacrifices , the fighting spirit and heroism of the people and the youth .
– Pays tribute to the martyrs and many hurt fighters during the insurrection .
– Sends revolutionary greetings to the popular insurrection and the hope it arouses for the oppressed people of Africa and the world .in their struggles to overthrow the regimes of oppression and exploitation of the reactionary bourgeoisie and the imperialist powers.
– Denounces all the manoeuvres and the interventions of imperialist powers and their African accomplices in the aim to suffocate the revolutionary process.
– Expresses its solidarity and militant support to the proletariat ,the people and the youth for the enforcement and deepening of the revolutionary movement for national and social liberation.